Name Chairs Description
Club Administration
photo Alsup, Bubba
Committee works with Officers, Board and Committee Chairs to develop annual budget, track budgetary performance, obtain weekly program speakers and track attendance. The Chair is traditionally always the Vice President.
Community Services
photo Mecklenberg Jackson, Lisa
photo Kieckbusch Jones, Julie
Collectively develops community service projects and annual community assessment to determine community needs and solicit the participation to fulfill those needs.
Finance and Fundraising
photo Hughes, Gary
photo Rosenleaf, Kelly
Plans and promotes all fundraising activities for the club.
Lyle Heath
photo Vandeburgh, Vicky
photo Lounsbury, Chris
Selects applications and recognizes an outstanding community volunteer (Adult and Youth) and organizes the annual meeting for the Lyle Heath Community Service Award presented annually during National Volunteer Week.
Membership Committee
photo Knutson, Andy
photo Brownlow, Dori
Acquires new members and retains existing members through education and special events.
Public Relations
photo Harper, Jennifer
photo Mecklenberg Jackson, Lisa
Promotes club and its activities through various media and advertising opportunities.
Youth Services
photo Hudgins, Gayle
Supports projects for school aged youth. Assists with club related activities.