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 Senator Testor and adviser help Sentinel Kiwanis apple sale.  Jim and Gary exchange recipes and cooking tips at the February 2007 Feed & Read. (Kathy T. photo)  Brewfest 2014 Kiwanis Brat and Pizza crew  Dog Show Parking Lot  Frank, Chuck, Kathy, Tony, Keith and Ty after finishing the installation of the playground padding.  Material paid for by teeth whitening campaign.  A view from inside the riverbank homeless shelter.  Kim, Chris, Mike and Keith with trophy garbage collection  Inspection of the bunker reveals a well appointed master bedroom.  Sentinel Kiwanis in action Saturday April 21, 2007.  We had a great turnout with about 14 hardworking volunteers. 

Again we filled up a truck with garbage collected, plus discovered a previously-unknown camouflaged underground bunker/condo built on city property next to the river.  The condo had a masonry fireplace with a hollow log for a chimney.  The city will likely need to bring in a backhoe to dig it up & clean up the site.  City police rousted the tenants.

Pictured here are 
front row (L-R):  Barb Samsoe, Keith Dowling, Nate, Mike Burnside, Brian Kekich
Back row:  Bill Samsoe, Monte Turner, Larry Springer, Gary Johnson


  Dick and assistant with a load to deliver  Gary Johnson looks for garbage at the end of the bridge.  Brewfest 2014 Kiwanis Brat and Pizza crew  Dick & Jerry at Dog Show  Bill, and daughter Grace under the purple cap, manage the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt at Kiwanis Park.  Glen shows Frank how to open a kitchen drawer at the February 2007 Feed & Read.  (Thank you Kathy T. for the photo).


Welcome to the web site for the Sentinel Kiwanis Club of Missoula. Our club is involved in many projects to benefit local youth.

We meet on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m. at:
City Life Community Center
1515 Fairview Avenue
PO Box 4732
Missoula, MT  59806


Each week we have an informative speaker and visitors are always welcome.

Larry Springer is our President.
Mary Oestreich is our President-Elect and organizes our fund raisers.

Gary "Scooter" Smith is our Vice-President and organizes our meeting programs.

Chartered February 17, 1961 International Organized January 21, 1915


What does it mean to be a Sentinel Kiwanian?

We are excited to hear that you are considering joining Sentinel Kiwanis.  Should you decide to join, we want your experience to be rewarding and enjoyable.  To aide you in your decision we want to share some information about our club. 


Sentinel Kiwanis has been serving the Missoula community for over 50 years. Like all Kiwanis clubs, Sentinel Kiwanis is a service organization which helps children. Most of our support goes towards local youth programs and activities.  We provide for these worthwhile organizations through service and financial donations. 


Our service projects include working with Kiwanis programs at high schools and middle schools and community based projects.  This service is coordinated through the use of committees.  We encourage members to choose those activities which they will find personally rewarding.  


We raise funds using several methods.  Annually, we sell apples in the fall and doughnuts in the winter.  Additionally, we raise money by operating a brat stand during Brew Fest and parking cars in support of community activities. Our annual goal for these fund raisers is $24,000.  We achieve this goal through the efforts of all of our members. 


In addition to our service projects and fund raising activities members are invited to regularly attend the weekly meetings.  Our meetings enjoyable and they serve several purposes. They allow us to connect with each other, discuss our current efforts and feature a guest speaker to talk about other interesting parts of the community we serve. Our meetings are held each Thursday from 7:30-8:30 am at City Life. 


Breakfast is available for $8.00.  Annual dues are $240 which can be paid quarterly. 


We want membership in Sentinel Kiwanis to be enjoyable and fulfilling.  Like any organization, members get out of the club as much as you’re willing to contribute. More information about Sentinel Kiwanis is available on the web at sentinelkiwanis.org or our facebook page.


To help new members become familiar with Sentinel Kiwanis, new members are asked to be a greeter, attend a board and committee meeting and share your story with the club.  This helps everyone to get to know each other.


A mentor is assigned to each new member to help with this process and to guide them through the activities and service projects. They also assist by helping new members meet other members. 


We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you might have.